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Just who is Lynn Fischer? Well, she was voted Miss New York City in the mid 1950's by the top judges, movie stars, modeling agency heads of that day when she was just 17 years old. Competing with every model and actress in Manhattan, it was no easy feat especially since she was only 5 foot 2-inches tall.

In a way her petite stature helped her win Miss NYC. Standing center-stage in a bathing suit and heels with 150 of the most beautiful women in New York, judges were sitting in the darkened theatre's front row, there to winnow down the field to a manageable ten. Even though she was right in the middle of the women lined up Rockette style, Lynn found herself being edged out between two very tall gals, their elbows hiding her face, hips hiding the rest of her.

She looked around knowing the judges couldn't even see her. So she ducked under the elbows and scooted two or three steps forward, saying not a word but smiling winsomely at the judges now just a few feet in front of her. Within a minute or two a few of the other girls stepped forward too and soon, the whole line had moved up but Lynn was noticed and had successfully made the top ten. Read more...

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