Modeling Experience

Modeling & TV Career

Because I alternated between modeling and acting, education as a student, working as a highly paid business executive, then writing healthy cookbooks and hosting network TV cooking shows, there hasn't been a very straight career path, but more of an adventure.

When I switched from one career to something else; whether I left or was fired, I'd just move to the other side and begin all over again. When I was Miss New York (city) I went to Hollywood from an astoundingly successful modeling career. With a 7-year movie contract from Howard Hughes of RKO Studios, my Miss NY title was relinquished to the runner-up. But! Disliking Hollywood and him I left after 1 year while still under contract and began a disastrous marriage. I was lucky not to be sued. I left the West with my two toddlers and went to college at Michigan State University, living on campus with my kids and teaching kindergarten.

Needing to make a living (judges in those days didn't force fathers to pay child-support), I enrolled in the Detroit/Dearborn campus of the University of Michigan at night and modeled every day in Detroit. I was lucky and became the city's highest paid model, spokesperson and actress. Now I could move my two children from my parent's large home to a fine house in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan which had better schools.

Deciding modeling couldn't last forever and that I needed an even better education to get a better job to bring up my kids, I became one of two of the first women (with 150 men) at Harvard's program for managers (PMD-20) while my sweet brother Tom (Connor) watched my kids for three months while I was in Cambridge.

That additional education got me terrific jobs but two years later when my engineering company Baldwin & Gregg was downsized, I was let go (but told I could stay as long as I needed). In two weeks I was a daily talk show host on WAVY-TV (The Mike & Lynn Show) which lasted for four years. It ended when annoyed because they paid Mike double my salary, I brought in the teamsters and unionized the station, which of course lost me that job too, but so did all the top management especially after I won 14 NLRB suits, lol.

I did several other TV shows, commercials, training videos, produced many and became a TV medical anchor in Washington, DC at WTTG (FOX-TV).

After writing a successful healthy cookbook in the 1990's (The Low Cholesterol Gourmet), I hosted and co-produced some 200 shows for The Discovery Channel and several more for public broadcasting. During this time now in the late 1990's I did some 20 live TV media satellite tours each for Campbell's Soup, a bean company, a turkey company and a few others and wrote six more books selling cookbooks, now with a million in print (not in my garage but actually sold). Shifting from one type of career to another has never been boring.